Welcome to fave3c ! We are proud to offer you professional services in Coaching, counselling, consulting. 

fave3c was created by Nathalie Fave. Fave is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation and of the Conseil Européen du Mentorat et du Coaching (EMCC)(European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

Fave is also a member of the Professional Speakers Federation and provides you with keynote presentations around key issues : women and gender approach, youth entreprenership, girls empowerment, cross-cultural dialogue, arts and culture, conflict resolution and internal communication in corporations and governmental agencies. Trained in Africa, France and Canada, Fave possesses over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, a consultant, businesswoman, leader of non-profit/charitable organizations.

Fave has worked as a Counsellor for women victims of violence and immigrant/refugees and is a consultant for numerous organizations, related to culture, women and intercultural dialogue. She possesses a deep understanding of global issues and cultural traditions in Europe, North America and Africa.

fave3c provides you with Coaching, Counselling and Consulting  services through skype, telephone and onsite (Paris, Toronto, Dakar) in English and French. 

She also provides professional classes and seminars in coaching and provides participants, once their assignments are completed, with our CCF recognized certifications.

You don`t want to miss this opportunity: contact us for further information about our 2013-2014 sessions and trainings in Europe and Africa.




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fave3c facilitates conversations, group meetings and workshops

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Anna A. | Réponse 17.10.2013 08.37

I am a counselor in Ottawa and believe that the concept of offering both counselling and coaching services is adequate in many cases. Anna

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07.10 | 08:50

Charmant petit message d'une grande dame qui a su imposer le ballet a la ville de Quebec.....merci Christiane, bonne continuation dans tous vos beaux projets!

06.10 | 22:41

Vous êtes merveilleuse Nathalie. Toutes mes félicitations!

Très cordialement,

04.10 | 07:52

Merci Samba Ly pour ce petit mot joliment ecrit....L'apatride a la besace.....cela ferait un beau titre de livre !

04.10 | 05:59

Nathalie :" L'apatride à la besace et aux pas de migratrice" est devenue une sorte de Baobab Africain aux mille trésors fait pour échanger et former, merci !

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